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Look Pretty, Get Dirty, and Take the Lead.

Baseball Bat Handles

Teach. Inspire. Empower.

We teach, inspire and
empower young girls to reach their maximum potential both on the
field and in life.


Our Mission

Atlanta Pink Sox Inc. is a local community organization headquartered in Georgia, fully established to promote the total empowerment and development of young girls in sports. This organization is an independent, not-for-profit organization that seeks to increase productivity in society by empowering young girls to be productive in whatever path they choose to follow. Atlanta Pink Sox Inc. seeks to empower each participant in the areas of esteem, the advancement of their education, and the promotion of children’s rights to an active lifestyle.


Our Vision

To build a growing community in which young people may actively participate in a league with a purpose that grants them positive experiences, relationships, and increased self-worth, as well as wellness and a significant head start in life. Additionally, we want to work together with members of the community and other stakeholders whose main goal is to empower young girls by providing them with sporting opportunities that will help them succeed in life.

"Where Players Lead the Way in Personal Development"

Are You Ready To Play In 2024!

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Contact Us

Contact: 678-379-7618

Social Media: @atlantapinksox

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